Boxing & Kickboxing Classes for Kids

See your child thrive in the best martial arts classes for kids in Dubai. Our programs help children develop discipline, confidence, and physical fitness through engaging and fun training.

boxing for kids

Disciplines for Kids

We offer boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai workouts for kids. Each session cultivates confidence, discipline, cognitive abilities, and physical fitness in a supportive environment, ensuring a rewarding experience for children of all ages and skill levels.


Champ Belts offers boxing for kids as a way to help them develop physical and mental well-being in an enjoyable manner. We have classes for children and teenagers. Our boxing classes for teens focus on honing proper techniques, growing strength, and improving cognitive skills. During workouts, we prioritize the safety and personal growth of children.


Kickboxing for kids at our club combines fun and fitness. We teach children essential techniques while boosting their confidence and discipline. Our kickboxing kid’s programs lean on agility, strength, and coordination, helping young athletes refine their skills through dynamic workouts. Each session promotes personal growth in a supportive and safe environment.

Muay Thai

At Champ Belts, kid’s Muay Thai introduces children to the art of eight limbs. Our Muay Thai kids’ classes bring focus on teaching traditional techniques while cultivating discipline, respect, and confidence. Children learn powerful striking techniques using elbows, knees, and kicks. Apart from that, children practice agility, strength, and endurance through sparring sessions under expert supervision.

boxing classes for kids

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    Champions in the Making

    Expert Instruction

    Our experienced coaches are dedicated to nurturing your child's potential. They give clear guidance and set milestones for each child.

    Character Development

    Beyond physical techniques, we cherish character development. Our coaches train values like respect, discipline, and perseverance that extend beyond the gym.

    Engaging Classes

    We believe that learning should be enjoyable! We make our classes energetic and interactive, keeping kids motivated and excited about progress.

    Positive Community

    Joining Champ Belts means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals and families who share a passion for martial arts and personal growth.

    Foundation for Future

    The experience of doing martial arts at Champ Belts will not just disappear in vain. With this background, discipline, and technique, children can do any other sport with a good result.


    Every aspect of our facilities is designed to multiply your child's martial arts experience. At Champ Belts, kids have everything to excel in their training, from specially designed punching bags to child-friendly training mats. In addition, we provide spacious changing rooms with lockers to securely store belongings. After a vigorous martial arts class, children can freshen up in our clean and well-maintained showers.


    What is the minimum age for doing martial arts?

    Personal training sessions are available for children as young as 4 years old. Kid’s groups start from the age of 9. Teens above 14 years old can join adult group classes.

    What to take to the first training?

    Children do not need to take any special equipment. Comfortable sportswear is enough.

    What equipment does Champ Belts provide?

    Our club can supply children with all essential gear: gloves, wraps, and pads.

    Which shoes and clothes should my kid take?

    The sportswear should be convenient. For kickboxing and Muay Thai sessions, children do not need shoes. For boxing classes, comfortable sneakers may do.

    How long do martial arts classes for kids last?

    Boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai workouts lasts for 1 hour. The class consists of warm-up exercises, the main training, and cool-down exercises.

    How do I choose the type of martial arts for my kid?

    The most reasonable suggestion is to listen to your child’s preferences and wishes. They can attend classes on each type of martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai) and choose the one they like the most. After all, every training will teach your child discipline and develop numerous physical and cognitive skills, like agility, stamina, speed, strength, attention, logic, etc.

    How do you coach children?

    During training, our coaches create a positive atmosphere where children feel safe to explore and learn. Besides, we approach each child's age, skill level, and individual needs. When describing elements, our coaches break down techniques into simple, manageable steps, using clear and concise instructions. Apart from that, we incorporate fun and engaging activities to keep kids motivated and excited about martial arts.

    What language do coaches use during training?

    At Champ Belts, we hold training sessions in English and Russian.