Our mission

Our Mission

Help you become the best version of yourself and achieve the desired results in sports, business and life, through the comprehensive development of body and mind. At Champ Belts, we create the environment which helps each person to unleash their inner potential, gain the strength and confidence essential for overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

Our Philosophy

We believe that sport and intelligence should complement each other. At Champ Belts we create an environment where everyone can achieve this unity. Our clients not only improve their physical skills, but they develop their minds, discipline and perseverance.

The slogan “BE A WARRIOR IN MIND” is a reflection of our philosophy about the unity of physical strength and mind.

Our Beliefs

Everyone Can Become a Champion

We consider that every person has the potential to achieve outstanding results in sports and business. Our aim is to help awaken this potential.

Achievement through Perseverance

We are confident that perseverance, discipline and hard work will lead to great success, both in sports and in life.

Sport Unites

We welcome athletes from all over the world and believe that sport brings people together. Our club values cultural interaction and maintains a friendly and inclusive environment.

Healthy Lifestyle

We believe in the importance of an active lifestyle and sports to maintain health, so we encourage our clients to take care of their physical and mental well-being.

Be a Warrior in Mind • Be a Warrior in Mind • Be a Warrior in Mind • Be a Warrior in Mind • Be a Warrior in Mind • Be a Warrior in Mind •

Our Principles

Professional Training

We have only highly qualified coaches with extensive experience in professional sports. Some of them not only train but also fight in the ring.

Individual Approach

We approach each client individually, taking into account his goals and characteristics, in order to ensure the best results.

Modern Methods and Technologies

We use modern methods and technologies during training to ensure maximum efficiency and results.

Ethics and Integrity

We adhere to ethical standards and principles of integrity both in sports and in relationships with our clients and partners.

The Path of The Legendary Coach


Andrey Gridin started his coaching career.

The history of our club began almost forty years ago when Andrey Gridin decided to devote his life to training and raising kickboxers. During this time, he has trained more than 30 champions: Zh. Akopyan, V. Vaskov, A. Ignashov, S. Gur, D. Pyasetsky, V. Akhramenko, I. Bugaenko, Y. Bessmertny and others.

The current champions Chingiz Allazov and Roman Kryklya especially stand out among them. Since 2010, they both have won 27 titles of world champions among professionals. The athletes also are leading in the world rankings: Chingiz Allazov is the best fighter irrespective of his weight division, and Roman Kryklya has been recognized as the best kickboxer of 2022.


Gridin’s students were the first in the CIS to take part in the Muay Thai championship in Thailand. Dmitry Pyasetsky was the first in Europe who won the Prince’s Cup.

Andrey Gridin is one of the founders of the Belarusian kickboxing school. In the early 1970s, when kickboxing was just beginning to emerge, Gridin was one of those who supported the idea of developing this sport with enthusiasm. His students were the first in the CIS to take part in the International Prince’s Cup tournament in Thailand, where Dmitry Pyasetsky became the first in Europe to win this honorary prize.


Opening of the Chinuk club in Minsk.

Dmitry’s victory emphasized the high level of training of Belarusian kickboxers and opened new horizons for the development of the sport. As a result, in 1994, Andrey Gridin initiated the opening of the Chinuk club. Soon Chinuk became one of the strongest Muay Thai schools in the world. Many future champions began their path to glory in this club.


The first IFMA World Muaythai Championship in Chanthaburi.

Also in 1994, Dmitry Pyasetsky confirmed his skills by winning the European Championship among professionals in Kyiv. A couple of months later, another student of Gridin, Sergey Ivanovich, took part in the first IFMA World Muaythai Championships, where he won the best fighter cup, strengthening the reputation of Belarusian kickboxing on the world stage.

Over time, Andrei Gridin and his students have become an integral part of the kickboxing and Thai boxing world. They have participated in numerous professional tournaments in different parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, USA, China and Japan. Thanks to Andrey Gridin, over 30 athletes received the title of world champions and won more than a hundred belts.


V. Akhramenko, A. Ignashov, P. Migal, Y. Bulat won the WAKO European Championship in Kyiv.

Four students of Andrey Gridin excelled at the WAKO European Championship in Kyiv. V. Akhramenko, A. Ignashov, P. Migal, Y. Bulat showcased their skills in the ring, winning gold medals. At this tournament Vitaly Akhramenko defeated Andrei Kurakov and claimed the top in the middleweight division.


Andrey Zelenevsky (86 kg) and Vitaly Akhramenko (75 kg) won the WAKO World Championship.

A year later, two of Gridin’s students took part at the WAKO World Championships in Caorle, Italy. They both returned from the tournament with gold medals. Andrey Zelenevsky took the first place in the cruiserweight division, and Vitaly Akhramenko became middleweight champion.


Alexey Ignashov won the K-1 Championship, and entered the top 10 best heavyweights in the world.


Sergey Gur earned the title of WMF Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion.


Chingiz Allazov began training under Andrey Gridin.

In 2010 Chingiz Allazov began training at the club. Chingiz has shown impressive athletic abilities from an early age. Today he has 61 victories, 37 of which ended in knockout, which has earned him the title of best knockout puncher. Since 2023, Chingiz has been leading the Pound for Pound ranking, surpassing such giants as Marat Grigoryan and Superbon.


Vitaly Akhramenko won the Fight Code Dragons tournament.


Yuri Bessmertny became the winner of the Fight Code tournament.


Roman Kryklia began training under Andrey Gridin.

A little later than Chingiz, Roman Kryklia joined the club. Under Gridin’s mentorship, Roman became a world champion in two weight categories. Since 2018, he has been undefeated, winning at the most popular championships like ONE Championship, Kunlun Fight, Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy and FEA World GP. Chingiz and Roman are the first kickboxers in the CIS to achieve such outstanding results.


Zhora Akopyan received the first title of IFMA World Champion.


Chingiz Allazov became the WAKO Pro World K-1 Champion.


Roman Kryklia became the K-1 World Champion.


Opening of the Gridin Gym club in Minsk.

In 2019 the Gridin Gym club was opened in Minsk, which has become home to many champions. Here Andrey Gridin and his graduate students were training the best fighters such as Chingiz Allazov, Roman Kryklia, Zhora Akopyan, Vadim Vaskov and many others.


Vadim Vaskov won the title of the NDC World Champion.


Roman Kryklia won ONE Championship’s Kickboxing Fighter of the Year award.


Chingiz Allazov was named the best kickboxer at the Pound for Pound ranking.


Opening of the Champ Belts club in Dubai.

In November 2023, Andrey Gridin opened a new sports club Champ Belts in Dubai, which marks the beginning of the next chapter of our history. In a spacious and modern gym, we help develop physical strength and champion character. Under the guidance of Andrey Gridin, our athletes continue to win prestigious belts on the international stage.

History of Champ Belts

At the Champ Belts club, we strive to give every person the opportunity to become better, identify their potential and achieve success not only in sports but in life too. We train the strength, discipline and confidence needed to overcome challenges and reach goals. Welcome to Champ Belts – a place where everyone can become a champion.