Head coach of the club
Andrey Gridin Head Coach

Andrey Gridin

Andrey Gridin is a legendary kickboxing and Muay Thai coach. As one of the founders of the Belarusian school of kickboxing and Muay Thai, he has had a big impact on the world of martial arts. Andrey Gridin is the co-founder of the world-famous Chinuk club in Minsk, which has existed for over 20 years now.

In 2015, Gridin formed his own team of fighters, which quickly became one of the strongest in the world. Some years later, Andrey Gridin set up his sports club Gridin Gym in Belarus. Recently, Gridin and his team opened a new boxing club Champ Belts in Dubai.

Thanks to his skills and talent, Andrey Gridin created a great team of professional coaches and also has trained more than 30 world champions, including such athletes as Chingiz Allazov, Roman Kryklia, Zhora Akopyan, Vadim Vaskov, Alexey Ignashov, Sergey Gur, Dmitry Pyasetsky, Vitali Akhramenko, Igor Bugaenko, Yuri Bessmertny and others.