Boxing Classes in Dubai for ladies

Are you a woman looking to keep in shape with martial arts classes in Dubai? Here, we help you build the body of your dreams, teach practical self-defense techniques, and instill mental resilience in a supportive environment.

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Disciplines for Ladies

We are proud to offer programs for women. At Champ Belts, ladies can attend boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai classes. Whether you are looking to improve your shape, learn self-defense techniques, or simply enjoy high-energy training, our workouts are for you.


Boxing for ladies is not just about throwing punches; it's a full-body workout that enhances endurance, agility, and coordination. Each session is a mix of techniques, from footwork and defensive maneuvers to powerful punches and combinations. Join in!


Our female kickboxing classes blend martial arts techniques with intense cardio and strength training. This dynamic sport engages your entire body, helping you build muscle, burn calories, and improve your physical appearance. Start kickboxing at Champ Belts!

Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai women's classes develop strength, endurance, and flexibility. During these training sessions, you strengthen your body and thus correct your metabolic rate. Besides, Muay Thai is an excellent outlet for stress relief. Join along!


Our club is equipped with modern amenities that grant comfort, convenience, and a conducive atmosphere. We regularly maintain our equipment to guarantee safe workouts. Our changing rooms are clean, spacious, and designed with women in mind. After rigorous training, you can freshen up in our showers.

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    Are there any age restrictions for women’s martial arts classes?

    Women of any age are welcome to join our classes. Adult groups start from 14 years old. Before this age, children can attend kid’s training classes: group sessions start at 9 years old, while individual workouts can be attended at 4 years old.

    What should I bring to the first training?

    The only thing you need with you is comfortable sportswear.

    What kind of equipment does Champ Belts provide?

    We have everything necessary for rewarding and energetic martial arts workouts: gloves, wraps, and pads. We also have strength and conditioning machines. For your first training sessions, we provide everything you might need (gloves, bandages, shields).

    I'm new to sports, where should I start?

    You can try each type of martial arts in our club and choose the one to your liking. We have group classes for any level. So, it’s chiefly your preferences that matter here. Moreover, we can arrange personal workouts for you, should you want to progress quicker.

    What shoes and clothes should I wear?

    Any comfortable sports clothes will do. If you attend kickboxing or Muay Thai workouts, you don’t need shoes; if you join boxing classes, take appropriate sneakers.

    How long does a workout last?

    Group and personal workouts on any discipline last for 60 minutes.