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    About Viktor

    Viktor started practicing Muay Thai relatively late to make it as a professional. Yet, he achieved a lot in a short period. After a knee injury, he decided to try coaching. This is when he realized that he not only enjoyed it but also was very good at it. He developed a brand new concept of cognitive training that’s suitable for both children and adults.


    Winner of national and international competitions in Muay Thai

    In two years created one of the best junior teams in the Republic of Belarus from scratch. The team became the winner of many republican and international tournaments

    Coach of professional athletes. For 1.5 years has prepared 10 champions and medalists of the Republic of Belarus

    Developed a new concept of cognitive training by bringing together coordination, reaction speed, thinking speed, memory and concentration training


    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Sports Adaptology and Innovative Sports Technologies of the Highest Achievements


    Ivan Pavliuchuk