RCC Fair Fight 24: Akopyan vs. Yelin

January 29, 2024

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled show! On February 3, the Academy of Martial Arts, Yekaterinburg, will host the international kickboxing tournament RCC Fair Fight 24.

This pulse-pounding event promises an evening of unrivalled action and sheer prowess, headlined by a riveting K1 showdown in 4oz gloves between two titans of the sport: Zhora Akopyan against Andrey Yelin.

In the red corner, we have Zhora Akopyan, a finalist of the International Grand Prix and a respected world-renowned kickboxer. Four-time world champion among professionals, Akopyan is a testament to his rare skill and tenacity. Trained under the watchful eye of the legendary coach Andrey Gridin, Akopyan shares the team with none other than the ONE champion, Chingiz Allazov.

In the blue corner, meet Andrey Yelin, the Russian kickboxing sensation known as “The Machine.” A star in the RAGE kickboxing league, Yelin has faced and conquered top kickers, including Eduard Fatykov. Fearless and hungry for success, Yelin openly aspires to seize the championship title in the XTREME section.

The arena of the Academy of Martial Arts in Yekaterinburg will be charged with the anticipation of the clash between Zhora Akopyan and Andrey Yelin. For more information about the fight, check our Instagram.

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2024

Time: 5 pm (GMT +05:00)

Venue: The Academy of Martial Arts: Ulitsa Sheynkmana, 121А, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russia, 620144 (56.818528, 60.592049)

Don’t miss this battle! Mark your calendar for February 3.

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