Champ Belts Makes Champions and Inspires Young Minds! Off-Site Training Recap

March 14, 2024

On January 29, 2024, Champ Belts hosted an exhilarating open off-site training, where our coaches captivated the hearts and minds of the young students of Emirates International School.

Under the expert guidance of coaches Viktor Tarent and Vadim Vaskov, the atmosphere was electric from start to finish. The coaches emphasized cognitive training and holistic development. During the class, they demonstrated how to perform exercises and delved into their numerous benefits for young athlets. 

The teens eagerly practiced and dared cognitive challenges, demonstrating their determination to win and conquer. The training focused on upgrading:

  • Reaction speed, 
  • Concentration, 
  • Attention distribution, 
  • Visual attention, 
  • Speech development, 
  • Spatial orientation, 
  • Quick switching abilities,
  • Interhemispheric interactions. 

With 25 enthusiastic attendants, the energy was contagious. The teens participated with genuine interest and found themselves immersed in the competitive spirit, eagerly repeating exercises to perfect their newfound skills.

The success of the training has paved the way for an exciting collaboration between Emirates International School and Champ Belts Club. In response to the overwhelming positive feedback, the two have joined to organise another training session at Champ Belts. The upcoming event is likely to zoom in on kickboxing.

Find more about upcoming events on social media:


Champ Belts Club is more than martial arts; it’s about instilling a love for sports, promoting health, and nurturing the beauty of discipline and focus in young hearts. The club remains committed to providing an environment where every youngster can discover their potential and become a champion, in and out of the ring.

As the echoes of laughter and the cheers of triumph linger, Champ Belts eagerly anticipates the next chapter in this stimulating journey, as we continue to champion the well-being and growth of future leaders.


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