Gloves Off, Skills On: Highlights from the Champion’s Workshop

March 6, 2024
World champions in kickboxing and muay thai combat techniques workshop Events

Champ Belts Club ignited the hearts of martial arts supporters with an unforgettable workshop on combat techniques. On Saturday, February 17, 2024, this exclusive event welcomed the iconic 17-time world champion, Chingiz Allazov, and the illustrious 12-time world champion, Roman Kryklia. And they shared their wisdom with eager participants.

Stepping into the ring alongside these titans were the club’s esteemed coaches, Viktor, Vadim, Alexandra, and Dzmitry. The team ensured every aspect of the workshop was finely tuned for maximum progress.

A vibrant atmosphere pulsated through the venue as 60 passionate individuals immersed themselves in the productive training session. From skilled practitioners to curious newcomers, everyone was swept up in the excitement, actively participating in drills and hanging onto every word from the champions and coaches. 

What unfolded was nothing short of inspiring. At first, the participants were focused and serious. After half an hour, smiles replaced seriousness, and enthusiasm filled the air. Attendees left invigorated, promising to return for future events at Champ Belts.

Throughout the session, coaches diligently guided participants through each technique. They gave personalized feedback and insights. The focus remained on the core principles and battle-tested strategies championed by Allazov and Kryklia.

While the majority of the audience boasted prior experience in martial arts, a sprinkling of beginners added a refreshing dynamism to the mix. Since attendees practiced in pairs, they could put theory into practice, with some even seizing the opportunity to sign up for future classes post-workshop.

Exciting news awaits on the horizon! The champions are to host a new workshop. Want to be among the first to know about it? Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.



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